Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec was mandated by the City of Quebec to develop and manage the public market in Pavillon du Commerce on the Expo-Cité site. A crossroads for the agri-food industry and an important hub for consumers, Grand Marché is a unique and lively public place and a destination of choice thanks to its wide variety of merchants, artisans and producers; its spaces dedicated to food education; its focus on promoting young farmers; and the presence of an incubator for new businesses.

The project was divided into various components: construction work to transform the trade pavilion into a public market (carried out by the City of Quebec) and interior design work for the various tenants (shops and permanent kiosks, small seasonal kiosks, kitchens and dining areas, etc.) carried out under the supervision of the site manager, the Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec.

Client : Coopérative des horticulteurs de Québec
Budget scope : $3 million
Implementation : 2018-2019
Location : Quebec City, QC

TRINORD’s role
The mandate was to support and advise Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec management in integrating best practices in monitoring and overseeing the projects of all future tenants in order to meet the deadlines established with the municipality.

  • Assume all tasks and responsibilities involved in planning leasehold improvements for Grand Marché under the responsibility of Coopérative des Horticulteurs de Québec
  • Plan and supervise the work of all stakeholders (companies renting shops at Grand Marché, architects, engineers, etc.)
  • Coordinate and control all activities leading to the start of construction of leasehold improvements
  • Document project status and send monthly progress reports to the client for each phase

Main challenges:

  • Project carried out in accelerated mode with many stakeholders
  • A number of tenant sub-projects to be carried out simultaneously (25)

Project contributors:

  • City of Quebec
  • Architect: Bisson et Associés + Atelier Pierre Thibault
  • Structural engineer: EMS
  • Mechanical engineer: WSP
  • Food services: WSP

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