The main objective of Le Diamant was to create a permanent but flexible space to showcase world-class creations, including those of Ex Machina and Robert Lepage, for regional, national and international clients. The project included a variable-geometry main performance hall, a creation and rehearsal studio, a foyer, stage support spaces and administrative offices. A unique cultural venue, Le Diamant is open to its community and set in the heart of historic downtown Quebec City. This place of influence is an anchor for the public, emerging artists and creators from all walks of life.

The project was subsidized by the Government of Quebec, the City of Quebec, the Government of Canada and the private sector. Because it was considered a major public infrastructure project, the development process required approval from Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC) at different stages of the mandate and accountability reports.

Client : Le Diamant Theater
Budget scope : $62 million
Implementation : 2016-2019
Location : Quebec City, QC

TRINORD’s role
Le Diamant’s management team tasked TRINORD with coordinating the entire construction project. The main objective of this support mandate was to implement the project in compliance with the objectives and constraints established by Le Diamant and the government authorities involved.

Main challenges and proposed solutions:

  • Small site and physical constraints on the site’s outskirts
  • Project subsidized by governments and by the City of Quebec, and carried out in accordance with the project management principles of the framework policy on the governance of large public infrastructure projects

Main project contributors:

  • Coarchitecture/In situ atelier/Jacques Plante architecte
  • Dupras Ledoux ingénieurs/Ambioner
  • Tetra Tech
  • Trizard Alliance
  • Pomerleau
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